Indian Coral Tree

Scientific name of Indian Coral Tree: Erythrina variegata L.

The name of the Indian Coral Tree in different languages:-

English: Lenten tree, Tiger claw

Sanskrit: Paribhadra

Hindi: Pangara-पंगार

Malayalam: Murikku-മുരിക്ക്, Mullumurikku-മുള്ളു മുരിക്ക്‌

Tamil: கல்யாண முருஂகை Kalyana murungai

Plant description:

Indian Coral Tree is a fast-growing deciduous tree, branches many, trunk and branches are covered with spines, can grow up to 80 ft tall, The leaves are in compounds of three diamond-shaped leaflets, about 6 inches long, and the leaf will fall in February to April. Flowers are found in clusters at the branch end which is deep red, Flowers occur in the summer season , and Flowering is from March to April. The seeds are bean-like pods that are cylindrical, and green about 15 in long. Fruiting is from May to July

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cordate Margin-Entire Venation-Parallel
 Margin_Entire  Venation-pinnate

Useful plant parts:

Bark, root, leaf

Medicinal uses:

To treat Wounds, Inflammation, Pains, Convulsions, dysuria, Menstrual disturbances, Insomnia, Worms, Constipation, Blood-related disorders, Cough, Loss of appetite, Erectile dysfunction, and Obesity.

Chemical content:

fatty acids, erisodin, hypeforin, erisotrin, erisitrin, hypeforin, erisopin, and erisotin.

Indian Coral Tree is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurveda medicine like:-

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