The scientific name of Henbane: Hyocyamus niger

Name of Henbane in different languages:-

English: stinking nightshade, Devils Eyes

Sanskrit: Kunturushka, Parseek yawani

Hindi: Khurasani ajwain

Tamil: Kurasani Yomam

Malayalam: Kusharani- കുശറാണി

Plant description:

Henbane is a deadly poisonous plant, that belongs to Solanaceae family, found all over the world, it is a biennial herb that grows up to 1 meter tall, leaves are arranged alternately, with irregular lobs, and covered with hair, the flowers are big, veined, yellow and large. The whole plant has an unpleasant smell, sometimes causing nausea.

Useful plant parts: Leaves, Flower, Seed

Medicinal uses: To treat mental disorders, relieve rheumatic pains.,local pains of gout or neuralgia.

Chemical contents: scopolamine, atropine, and alkaloid-Hyoscyamine

Henbane is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

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