Grey nicker

The scientific name of Grey nicker: Caesalpinia crista (bondcu) / Caesalpinia Bonducella

Name  of Grey nicker in different languages:-

English: Crested Fever Nut, Fever nut, Bonduc nut

Hindi: लताकरंज Latakaranja

Sanskrit: कुबेरक्षी kuberakshi, कण्टकि करञ्जा kantaki karanja,  लता करञ्ज lata karanja

Tamil: முட்கொன்றை mut-konrai

Malayalam: Kazhanji -കഴഞ്ചി


Gray Nicker, is a vine-like shrub, that reaches 6 m long, a spiny, flowering plant belonging to the senna family, The stems are hooked prickles, and it scrambles over the other plants. Leaves are oppositely arranged, ovate, pale green. Flowers are in clusters, golden yellow, seeds are gray, very hard and durable, commonly in identical shape and weight, it contains in a bean which is dark green and contains 2-3 seeds. Stem are covered in curved spines.


Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Odd pinnate Margin-Entire Venation-pinnate

Useful plant parts:

Leaf, seed, root, seed oil.

Medicinal uses:

Used in the treatments of intestinal worms, fever, cough, amenorrhea, tumors, inflammation,  smallpox, elephantiasis, toothache, liver diseases, etc.

Medicinal Properties:

Anti-inflammatory, anthelmintic, analgesic, febrifuge, antiperiodic,  and tonic properties

How to prepare medicines:

Leaves boiled with water can gargle to reduce throat infection.

The application of leaves and seeds fried in cater oil is useful in inflammatory swellings.

Grey nicker is one of the ingredients in Ayurveda medicines like-

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