Grahanyantaka ghritam

Grahanyantaka Ghritam is an Ayurvedic herbal ghee formulation. It is primarily used in the treatment of digestive disorders, particularly those related to the intestines. The term “Grahanya” refers to substances that are beneficial for the intestines.

This herbal ghee may contain a combination of various herbs, and its specific formulation can vary. It is traditionally used to address conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), diarrhea, malabsorption, and other gastrointestinal issues.

As with any Ayurvedic medicine, it’s important to use Grahanyantaka Ghritam under the guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner. They can prescribe the appropriate dosage and duration based on your individual constitution and health condition. Always consult a professional before starting any new herbal treatment.

It gives relief in grahani and gulma. It calms Vata and Pitta.

It is prepared according to the reference of Sahasra Yoga Ghrita prakarana.

Medicinal plants and other ingredients used in the preparation of Grahanyantaka ghritam

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