Glory Bower

The Scientific name of Glory Bower: Clerodendrum inerme

Name of Glory Bower in different languages:-

English: Indian privet, Wild Jasmine

Hindi: संकुप्पी sankuppi, sangan-kuppi, Vilayati mehendi, Batraj

Tamil: சங்கம் Sangam, Peechangu, அந்ஜலீ Anjali

Malayalam: Cheruchinna-ചെറുചിന്ന, Vishamadary-വിഷമദരി, Nirnochi-നിരൊഞ്ചി, Shangukuppi- ശംഖുകുപ്പി

Sanskrit: कुंडली Kundali

Plant description:

Glory bower is a shrub; grow up to 2 m tall, many branched, twining slender, dark green in color. Commonly found on riverside and slopes. Leaves are simple, green and smooth, arranged opposite, up to 10 cm long, ovate or elliptical, acute to acuminate apex, margins entire. The flowers are white, 3.5 to 5.5 cm long and a narrow tube ending in 5 petals with purple stamens, up to 3 cm long, flowering is November to January.

Useful plant parts: Leaf, flower, root

Medicinal uses: To treat rheumatism, skin rashes, muscle pain, dysentery, venereal diseases, hypertension, fever, cough etc.

Chemical contents: Essential oils, Antibacterial, Antifungal

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