Frangipani Vine

Scientific name of Frangipani Vine: Chonemorpha grandiflora

Name of Frangipani Vine in different languages:-

English: Woodvine

Sanskrit: Murva, Morata

Hindi: मूर्वा Moorva

Tamil: பெரும்குரும்ப Perumkurumpa

Malayalam: Perumkurumba-പെരും കുരുമ്പ , Novunni, Mutthappanthadi

Plant description:

Frangipani Vine is a woody climbing plant, the leaves are simple, arranged oppositely, broadly elliptic or ovate-orbicular, up to 25 cm long and 15 cm wide, The leaves are shiny with prominent veins, the flowers resemble the Frangipani, pure white with yellow center, and have a pleasant fragrance flowering is May to July.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-elliptic Margin-Entire Venation-pinnate
 oblong  Margin_Entire  Venation-pinnate

Useful plant parts:

Flower, Root

Medicinal uses:

Used in the treatment of worm problems, skin diseases, fever,  urinary tract problems,  jaundice, bronchitis, and cardiac debility

Frangipani Vine is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines

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