Scientific name of Elecampane: Inula Racemosa

Name of Elecampane in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Paushkaram, Pushkaram, Kushtafetha

Hindi: Pokharmul

Malayalam: Pushkaramoolam പുഷ്കരമൂലം, Ekuvat ഇകുവട്

Useful plant parts: root

Plant description:-

Elecampane – InulaRacemosa is a herb, that grows to 1.5 meters, found in the Himalayas regions, leaves are oppositely arranged, the stalk is closed to stem, tapered apex, elliptic lance-shaped, and up to 45 cm long. The flowers are yellow; and occur in spike-like clusters.

Medicinal uses:

To treat vata, Kapha disorders, worm infestation, respiratory disorders like asthma, bronchitis, cough etc
Chemical content: Antioxidant, Alantolactone, Germacranolide, Dihydroisoalantotolactone, B- Sitosterol, Mannitol, Dihydroinunolide, Sesquiterpene lactone- inunol, Alantodiene etc.

How to prepare medicines:

Elecampane is one of the ingredients in the Ayurveda medicines like-

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