Dwarf Morning Glory

The scientific name of Dwarf Morning Glory: Evolvulus-nummularius

Name of Dwarf Morning Glory in different languages:-

Sanskrit: Vishnugandhi, Dankuni Plant, Shaivala

Hindi: Visnukrantha, Shyamakrantha

Tamil: Vishnukranthi

Malayalam: Vishnukranthi-വിഷ്ണുക്രാന്തി

Plant description:

It is a slender, less branched, spreading, or sometimes ascending, usually hairy herb. The leaves are densely clothed, white, and silky hairs, Lancelot to ovate, and grow up to 1 cm in length the apex is blunt with pointed, and the base is tapered. The stems are growing up to 70 centimeters long. The flowers are pale blue, five-petaled, center white, and about 8 mm in diameter. The fruit is capsule, oblong, and contains 4 seeds.

Leaf Arrangement


Shape-Rounded Margin-Entire Venation-pinnate


Useful plant parts:

Whole plant

Medicinal uses:

Gastric disorders like dysentery, Enhanced memory, Bronchial diseases, Anti-poisonous, syphilis, scrofula.

Chemical contents:

Umbelliferone, Anti-oxidants, Scopoletin, Scopolin

It is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurveda medicines like:

Slender Dwarf Morning Glory

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