Dog Teak

The Scientific name of Dog Teak: Dillenia pentagyna

Name of Dog Teak in different languages:-

English: Karmal, Dillenia

Sanskrit: अक्षिकीफल Aksikiphal, पुन्नाग Punnaga, Aksikiphala

Hindi: करमल Karmal

Tamil: நாய்த்தேக்கு-Naitekku, புன்னை வகை Punnai Vakai, Kalluccilaikay

Malayalam: കുടപ്പുന്ന Kutapunna, പട്ടിപ്പുന്ന-Pattipunna, Malampunna, Naithekku, വാഴപ്പുന്ന-Vazhapunna

Plant description:

It is a deciduous western ghats tree, that grows up to 15 m tall, Bark grayish white, the leaves are simple, alternately arranged, spiral, 1-2 ft long, ovate-rhomboid and acute apex, toothed margin. Flowers are yellow, found in clusters or single in terminal racemes, bracts, and pale green in color. The fruit is a berry, 2.5 cm in diameter, pale green, globose, and contains a single seed.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cuneate Margin-Toothed Venation-Pinnate
Cuneate-wedge-shaped  Margin_Serrated--Forward-teething  Venation-pinnate

Useful plant parts:


Medicinal uses:

To treat vitiated vata and kapha, Anal fistula, neuritis, Wounds, burning sensation, diabetes,  pneumonia etc.

Medicinal properties:

Antimicrobial and Antioxidant

Chemical contents:

Glucoside, flavanoids, dihydroquercetin, galactoside.

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