The Scientific name of Dandelion: Taraxacum officinale Weber

Name of Dandelion in different languages:-

English: Common Dandelion, Blowball

Sanskrit: Dudhadapheni, Lootari, Payasvini 

Hindi: Dudhal, Kanphul

Malayalam: Dugddhapheni,

Plant description :

Dandelion FlowerIt is a perennial or annual herb, spreading over the ground in a rosette manner. Leaves are narrowly oblong, irregular, radical, pinnately arranged, and irregular in shape, lobes linear, margin toothed; flowers are yellow, born in a ligulate head; seeds are glabrous.

Useful plant parts: leaves, roots, The whole plant

Medicinal uses:
To treat vitiated Kapha and Pita, general debility chronic ulcers, cough, colic, flatulence, kidney disorders, urinary retention, fever, skin problems, inflammations, insomnia, jaundice, bile stone, hepatic diseases, gout, constipation, and dyspepsia.

Chemical contents:
Flavonoids, lucosides, luteolin, sesquiterpene lactones; triterpenes and sterols, beta-sitosterol, taraxasterol, taraxol etc.

Medicinal properties: Anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory activity, appetite-stimulater

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