Cotton Plant

The scientific name of Cotton Plant: Gossypium herbaceum Linn. / Gossypium indicum

Name of Cotton Plant in different languages:-

English: Levant cotton

Sanskrit: Karpasa, Karpasi, Tundikeri

Hindi: Kapasi

Tamil: Panji

Malayalam: Paruthy- പരുത്തി

Plant description:

The cotton plant is mainly cultivated for textile and another commercial purpose, Indian Cotton Plant is also used in the preparation of many Ayurveda medicines. It is a  perennial plant, a shrub-like herb that grows up to 12 feet tall and spreads widely at maturity. The leaves are hairy, alternating arranged, heart-shaped, with pointed lobes, deep green, three to five lobed at the apex, and measure up to 7 inches long. The flowers are five-petaled like hibiscus flowers, and creamy white to yellow in color. The taproot with many lateral branches, penetrating as deeply in the soil.

Useful plant parts: Root, leaves, flower, seed

Medicinal uses: Aphrodisiac, Nerve tonic, to treat amenorrhea, regulates menstruation

Chemical contents: Hemigosypol, Quercimetitrin, Gossypol, Caryophyllene, Pinene, Limonene

Cotton Plant is used as an ingredient to prepare Ayurvedic medicines like:

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