Chir Pine

The Scientific name of Chir pine: Pinus Roxburghii

Name of Chir pine in different languages:-

English: Himalayan longleaf pine

Sanskrit: Sarala, Madana

Hindi: Chir चीड

Malayalam: Charaḷam-ചരളം, Pine- പൈൻ

Plant description:

It is a large Himalayan tree, an Erect, evergreen tree, that reaches up to 50 m and trunk up to 2 m, which is covered with deeply fissured bark, and color is reddish-brown. The leaves are very slender, size up to 35 cm long, and needle-shaped, yellowish green in color. Fruits are cones, sized up to 24 cm long and 8 cm broad. The turpentine is extracted from the resin.

Useful plant parts: resin, oil

Medicinal uses:

To control Vatha and kapha, Anti-wormal, Heal wounds and digestive problems, and treat Nervous disorders and skin problems like wounds, burns, boils, and sores, it is also useful in the treatment of respiratory disorders, and rheumatic disorders.

Chemical contents: Taxifolin, Pinenes, careen, longifoline, turpentine.

Medicinal Properties: Antiseptic,  rubefacient, diuretic  and vermifuge

Chir pine is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

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