Chandanasava is an Ayurvedic medicine in liquid form. It is also known as Chandanasavam. It is used for the treatment of various health conditions. The primary ingredient in Chandanasava is Chandana (Sandalwood), which is known for its cooling and calming properties.


  • Chandanasava is commonly used in the treatment of urinary disorders, digestive issues, and diseases related to the respiratory system.
  • It is also used as a general tonic to improve overall health.
  • Chandanasava has a cooling effect, making it useful in conditions associated with excess heat in the body.

Therapeutic Uses:

  1. Urinary Disorders: Chandanasava is often prescribed for conditions like burning micturition, urinary tract infections, and other urinary problems.
  2. Respiratory Disorders: It may be used in respiratory conditions such as cough, asthma, and bronchitis due to its soothing properties.
  3. Digestive Issues: Chandanasava can aid in the digestion process and may be beneficial in conditions like indigestion and gastritis.
  4. General Tonic: It is sometimes used as a general health tonic to improve strength and vitality.

Dosage: The typical dosage of Chandanasava is 10 to 20 ml, usually taken after meals with an equal quantity of water. The dosage may vary based on the specific health condition, age, and the practitioner’s advice.

It’s important to note that Ayurvedic medicines should be taken under the supervision and guidance of a qualified Ayurvedic practitioner, as the dosage and duration of use may vary based on individual needs and health conditions. Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplement or me

Medicinal plants and other ingredients used in the preparation of Chandanasavam

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