Cashew nut tree

Scientific name of Cashew nut tree: Anacardium occidentale

Name of Cashew nut tree in different languages:-

Hindi: काजू Kaju, Kajoo

Malayalam: Kashumavu – കശുമാവ്, Kappalumavu, Parangi mavu

Tamil: முந்திரி Mundiry

Sanskrit: Agnikrita

Plant- Description:

The cashew tree is a tropical evergreen tree that grows up to 14 meters and produces the cashew nut. Leaves are dark green ovate, elliptical, apex rounded, stem irregularly, multi-branched, flowers are small, white or pink, aromatic, flowering in May-June.

Useful plant parts:

Bark, seed, resin

Medicinal uses:

To treat Vata disorders, sexual weakness, and low blood pressure, Nutshell’s oil is used to treat athlete’s foot.

How to prepare medicines:

10 grams of cashew nut ground well and mixed in milk is used in after-delivery care, Burn the nutshell in stone collect the oil, and apply it on affected areas of athletes’ foot diseases.

Chemical contents:

Caustic phenolic resin, Urushiol, nutshell produces a corrosive oil

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