Camel thorn

Scientific name of Camel Thorn: Alhagi pseudalhagi / Alhagi maurorum

Name of Camel Thorn in different languages:-

English: Persian Manna Plant, Moor’s Alhagi
Sanskrit: Yawasa, Yavasaka, Duralabha
Hindi: Bharbharra
Tamil: Punaikanjuri, Kanchori
Malayalam: Ottakamullu- ഒട്ടകമുള്ള്, Yasasharkkara- യാസശർക്കര

Plant description:

It is a perennial plant, grow up to 1 meter, branches thin, spiny bush, pale green, Leaves are oblong, obtuse, size 1.25 to 3.25 cm long, the flowers are red, born in axillaries racemes at the branch apex, roots are in rhizome system which may lengthen up to six feet into the soil.

Useful plant parts: whole plant, Leaves, seeds, roots

Medicinal uses: To treat asthma, Fever, hemorrhoids, head-ache, Rheumatism, bleeding piles

Chemical contents: Flavonoids, glycosides isorhamnetin, chrysoeriol, kaempferol, and isorhamnetin.

Medicinal properties: antibilious, laxative, diuretic and antiseptic

Camel Thorn is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicines like:

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