Scientific name: Blepharis boerhaaviifolia Pers

Name  in different languages:-

English: Blepharis, Creeping Blepharis

Hindi: दूधिया चोटी Dudhiya Choti, Uttagana

Sanskrit: Barga Poo, Bhangari

Malayalam: Murikoottipacha-മുറികൂട്ടിപ്പച്ച, Hemakandy-ഹേമകണ്ഠി, Elumbotty-എലുമ്പൊട്ടി

Tamil: Kooravaal Chedi, Kozhimookkan

Plant description:

It is a prostrate herb rooting at nodes. Leaves are elliptic ovate to oblanceolate, margin entire or distantly toothed in the upper half, apex acutely apiculate. Bracts in four opposite pairs; bracteoles spathulate; calyx lobes four; outer calyx lobes unequal. Corolla white with pink nerves; tube urceolate; stamens 4. Capsule shining; seeds 2, orbicular, flattened. It is propagated by cuttings.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cordate Margin-Toothed Venation-Reticulate


Useful plant parts:


Medicinal uses:

Leaves are useful in healing wounds and cuts, earache

Chemical content:  

Allantoin, Betaine, beta – sitosterol, oleanolic acid, apigenin, terniflorin, blepharin, coumaroyl flavone glucoside

Medicinal properties: 


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