Black maidenhair

The scientific name of Black maidenhair: Adiantum lunulatum

Name of Black maidenhair in different languages:-

English: Walking maiden’s hair fern

Sanskrit: हंसपादी Hamsapathi

Hindi: हंसपादी Hamsapathi

Malayalam: Kayyala panna- കയ്യാലപന്നൽ

Plant description:

Black maidenhair is a leafy fern, with dark brown stems, 6 to 15 cm long, glabrous, shining, tufted, pinnate, linear to lanceolate in outline.

Useful plant parts of Black maidenhair: Leaf, root, rhizome

Medicinal uses:

It is used broncho-dilator, diuretic and pectoral, for fevers in children, elephantiasis, treatment of coughs and throat infections, blood diseases, muscular pain, rabies, antidysenteric and febrifugal

The chemical content of Black maidenhair: carotenoids.

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