Black gram

Scientific name of Black gram: Vigna mungo

Synonyms: Phaseolus mungo / Phaseolus viridissimus

Name of Black gram in different languages:-

English: Black gram, mung bean, Urad bean

Sanskrit: माषः mashah

Hindi: उरद urad, उर्द urd

Tamil: உழுந்து uluntu

Malayalam: Uzhunnu- ഉഴുന്ന്

Plant description:

Black gram is a sub-erect or trailing annual herb, densely hairy, grows to the height up to 50 cm, bushy, branched. leaves are simple, hairy, leaflets small, green ovate pubescent, three foliate and ovate. The flowers are yellow with purple tinges. The seeds are shining green, cylindrical, 9 to11 seeds contain in a pod, length up to 7 cm.

Useful plant parts: Whole plant, Seeds

Medicinal uses:

To treat skin diseases, as cosmetics, Scabies, burning sensation, Vata, Pitta disorders.

Medicinal Properties: Anti-oxident, narcotic and diuretic.

It is used as an ingredient to prepare the Ayurvedic medicine like:

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