Black cherry

Scientific name of Black cherry: Carissa carandas

Name of Black cherry in different languages:-

Sanscrit: Karonda करौंदा

English: caranda

Malayalam: Kara- കാര, Karandippazham-കരണ്ടിപ്പഴം, karaka-കാരക്ക, karonda-കരോണ്ട, Karuthacherry-കറുത്തചെറി

Plant description of Black cherry:-

Black cherry – Caranda is a multi-branched, semi-vine shrub. Leaves are dark green,1 to 1.5 inch long, shiny and oppositely arranged and with large spines. When leaves or stems are injured, a white milky sticky sap is seen, flowers are found in clusters, white with rose stalk and it is aromatic, berries are whitish with purple lines, it became deep red or black when it is ripe.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Ovate Margin-Entire Venation-Reticulate

Useful plant parts: Leaf, Fruit

Medicinal uses of Black cherry: To treat Anemia

Chemical content: terpenoids, Iron, Vitamin-c

How to prepare medicines: Press the root can be used to repel house fly

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