Bitter nutmeg

Scientific name of Bitter nutmeg: Myristica Dactyloides / Myristica Malabarica Lam

Name of Bitter nutmeg in different languages:-

English: Bombay Mace, False Nutmeg

Sanscrit: Pashupati

Hindi: Van Jati phal

Malayalam: Kattupathri-Chithirappovu – ചിത്തിരപ്പൂവ്, Kattujathy – കാട്ടുജാതി, Pantha painപന്തപ്പയിൻ.

Plant description of Bitter nutmeg:

Bitter nutmeg is found in the Western Ghats and evergreen forest area, with the range of 1500m altitude, it is growing up to 20 m tall, with stilt roots. Bark is brownish, warty, flaky and thick foliage, Leaf stalk is 1.5-4 cm long and leaves are 12-25 x 4-12 cm, the tree is like nutmeg tree in nature, seeds covered with a covered with orange-red deeply laciniate and covering aril, which is the useful part of the plant, Ayurveda treatments and also used to make dyes.

Leaf Arrangement

Shape-Cuneate Margin-Entire Venation- Pinnate

Useful plant parts: Nut, Aril

Other uses: The aril of bitter nutmeg can be used as a food coloring agent (Yellow color like turmeric), instead of Nutmeg  it can be used as medicine

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