Beach Morning Glory

Scientific name of Beach Morning Glory: Ipomoea pes-caprae

Name of Beach Morning Glory in different languages:-

English: Goat’s Foot, Bayhops

SanscritSagaramekhala, Maryadavalli


MalayalamAdavally-അടവള്ളി, Adambuvalli.

Tamil: Attukkal

Plant description

Goat’s Foot  is a trailing, wide spreading vine, found throughout pan-tropical areas, abundantly  grow in the sandy soils, it is salt tolerant plant and endures salted air.the leaves are 3 to 10 cm long and notched at the tip and long, stems are purple and often root at the nodes, contain milky latex, and may length reach at 20 meters. Flowers are bisexual, funnel-shaped, 5 cm in diameter,  produced that have copious nectar from a large circular nectar at the base of the flower, the fruit is an ovoid to sub globules capsule, 12 to 17 mm long. the seeds can float and  survive  in salt water, so it is wide spread allover the world through seas.

Useful plant parts:

The whole plant.

Chemical constituents:

Amino acids, proline, glycine betaine

Medicinal uses:

Goat-foot is used for inflammation, skin disease, boils, Piles, wound, ulcers, boils, gastrointestinal disorders and Oedema.

Velladambu- Beach morning glory-White

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