Arishtam-Fermented Decoctions

Ayurveda Arishtam-Fermented Decoctions

Arishtam is an Ayurvedic medicine prepared by fermentation of herbal plants with other ingredients, with the help of some media like jaggery, so it could have an alcoholic effect which helps to suddenly circulate the quintessence of medicinal herbs through our blood. These decoctions are powerful herbal combinations that enhance our digestive system, increase appetite, while eliminating gathered (Ama) toxic waste materials from the body. Weak digestive is the one of the main cause of many of our diseases. Removal of toxic material from the body leads to absorption of nutrients to the body. It gives quick results.

List of Important Arishtams used in Ayurvedic treatments, some of the medicines are proprietary medicines, manufactured by the prominent companies like Kottakkal Aryavaidya sala, Nagarjuna, Oushadi, Jiva etc., here we are trying to show how the medicinal plant are used to prepare that particular medicine.List of Important Ayurvedic Arishtams

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